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Welcome to the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme Alumni Networking and Knowledge Exchange Hub. This Scholarship Scheme is a partnership between Tullow Group and British Council . The Tullow Scholarship Scheme aims to build capacity in areas where Tullow’s host countries (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Mauritania, Uruguay, Guyana, Suriname) experience significant skills gaps, especially but not exclusively, around these countries oil and gas industries.

The scholarship scheme aims to give applicants the opportunity to shape their community with an international education and a platform to develop themselves and also to ensure that the success of the oil and gas industry brings real, lasting benefits to the people and economies of Tullow’s host countries. The Tullow Group scholarship scheme focuses on investing in education and capacity building so that local people can participate within the oil and gas industry

This blog will follow recipients of the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme in profiling their backgrounds, detailing their experiences while studying for their degrees abroad and throwing some light on what they have been doing since returning to their home countries. We hope that by them sharing their experiences, it will inspire you to take up further education either voluntarily or through our scholarship scheme.

We hope to share some insights and knowledge from our Alumni and hopefully get you interacting and networking with them, this after all is a “networking and knowledge exchange hub.”