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TGSS Impact: Focus on Michael O. A. Bediako, Ghana

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One of the stories that confirms the impact our alumni are making in their countries is the story of the exploits of Michael Bediako, a Ghanaian beneficiary of the Tullow Group Scholarship scheme and one who has always been involved in enterprising activities. When he was just a young student, Michael noticed that anytime he supported his family and friends to design their presentations or graphics, they always came back with excellent feedback. That observation was enough for the entrepreneur in him to come alive to start adinkra INo-V8, a multimedia consultancy in 2008.

Originally, adinkra was set up to use digital platforms and all other engagements to leverage the superior advantages of digital media for its clients. Over time, the company has grown into a key player in Event Concept development, Live Visuals Curation, App development, and Webcasting services.

The company is the first Campus Digital Signage Network Provider in Ghana and displays signage in over 30 locations across five tertiary campuses in Ghana. Some of the international clients adinkra has executed campaigns and projects for include leading names like PZ Cussons, Carex, DKT international, Samsung, Peugeot , Yolo Experiences and the US Embassy.

Today, Michael Bediako, the TGSS Scholar who obtained his MSc. Mechatronics from the Newcastle University, leads a 5- member core team and 13 interns to run an innovative business that started as a hobby. Despite the naturally demanding nature of the job, Michael has managed it hands-on from the very beginning, even while he was away in the UK to complete his Master’s degree.

Now the adinkra journey is about to get even more exciting and profitable, thanks to skills Michael built during his master’s education. For his master’s dissertation, he had to take it upon himself to study computer programming so he could build an autonomous mobile robot. This is laudable for someone who came from a pure mechanical engineering background. From a safe distance, Michael’s robot can track objects based on colour and size by comparing it to what is already known. That makes it useful for tasks as diverse as searching for survivors during natural disasters, detecting bombs, and detecting other hazardous substance among applications.

Now back in Ghana and growing his business, the entrepreneur in Michael is kicking again. This time, he is looking into ways to combine his robot with other automated fixtures to improve adinkra’s live streaming equipment. Apart from the technical skills, Michael’s studies in the UK also taught him more about building a business. “I learnt a lot about customer service, product delivery and that is now helping me to offer high quality professional service and unique products for our clients” he says. If there are people who will go far with just a little push, Michael Bediako must be one of them.

Personally, Michael has a strong interest in training and he is about to roll out an educational project to teach people entrepreneurship in rural communities. This won’t be the first time he is attempting such a thing. About 3 years ago, he developed and launched a student-business model to provide a launchpad to students interested in going into entrepreneurship. About 30 students have now graduated from his programme.

Clearly, this focussed young man is just getting started and we wish him the very best.

Michael was awarded the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme  in Ghana in 2013. He obtained a Master’s degree in Mechatronics from the Newcastle University. Learn more about adinkra.


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