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Five important reasons to look forward to your dissertation

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After months of lectures, dissertation season is here and you don’t have to dread it. Here are five reasons why you should look forward to doing your dissertation.

  1. You evaluate your subject understanding

A dissertation makes you combine knowledge from multiple courses you have taken to solve an unstructured problem. In doing so, you are able to determine how well you understand the concepts and theories you studied on the programme. This process forces you to revisit notes and handouts, and you can seek further explanations from your supervisor or colleagues for the areas where you fall short. In other words, it gives you another opportunity to understand the program of study and also lets your supervisor determine your level of understanding. Your supervisors can assist you to reach a higher level before you leave school, if necessary.

  1. You build confidence

Knowing how much you actually know is a good confidence booster. This kind of confidence makes you want to demonstrate your knowledge at the workplace, in workshops and conferences. Because dissertations often involve making presentations and submitting proposals, you are likely to meet more people outside your usual circle of acquaintances. If these new people appreciate your work, you become even more confident in your abilities.

  1. You master new skills.

There are many skills you can master from doing a dissertation. Dissertations usually involve organising, communication, problem solving, project time and money management , report writing and more. All these activities help you to develop new skills or boost the ones you already possess. At the end of the dissertation period, you will notice an improvement in your organizational and interpersonal skill, time and financial management skill, problem solving and stress management skill, and even your typing speed! All these skills can set you apart in the world of work.

  1. You build your network

During the project research work, you will get the opportunity to meet different people for interviews, presentational workshops, group chats etc. Such events can open doors for you to talk with industry players as well as leading academics in your field. Always remember that your network is your net worth.

  1. You taste the world of work

I remember my dissertation module leader telling my class how the dissertation period gives us the opportunity to practice for work life. My leader told us to treat our supervisors like our boss or employer and work 8 hours on our dissertations. That is a good way to develop a good work ethic. The better you prepare yourself in school, the easier it becomes to integrate into the workplace when you start working.

I believe these five points have given you a positive way to look at your dissertation. I also hope you are feeling more motivated to complete your dissertation.

I wish you the very best and we look forward to celebrating your distinctions.

About the authour

Irene Danquah is a TGSS alumna from Ghana. She studied MSc Public Health Nutrition at the University of Southampton. Irene is currently the TGSS Alumni Coordinatior. She is the author of Become A Healthier You, a book that teaches how to make healthier choices everyday to live long and fully. Irene also leads Olime Health,  a total health brand on a mission of enabling people choose and live healthier lifestyles. The brand specialises in health & nutrition consultancy, research and advocacy. Irene is the health columnist at Visit Olime Health


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