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Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme, The Real Deal!

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Sitting beside the magnificent statue of Faraday at the University of Birmingham to have a feel of the usually five-minute sunshine, I decided to skim through my old emails. Seeing ‘gh acc1’ brought back the memories of the over four months journey towards being a Tullow scholar at Birmingham University but this time it was accompanied by a smile as opposed to the usual heart surge that I used to experience as I sailed through the assessment procedure. The effect of receiving an email from TGSS on heart rates is worth investigating into as a dissertation.

Fellow scholars will all bear with the son of the farmer from Elubo that the TGSS is not just an avenue for further studies but a life changing experience considering the impact of the selection criteria on the scholars even prior to departure for studies. The confidence and high level patriotism and communal spirit it instills in scholars cannot be underestimated.

The whole procedure can be likened to a world cup finals where only the strongest progress in the competition or better still Champions league. Right from the online application, through the group assessment and the semifinal interviews, verification for the western region natives to the final interviews and the almighty suspense keeping IELTS, the degree of professionalism exhibited by the British council has always been exceptional and unmatched.

Each stage brought us closer to the discovery of our real self and potentials and how they can be harnessed for the development of our communities and Ghana at large. To me it’s a patient adventure and a Pre-Masters program in itself. The word tentative kept lingering in my mind until I finally entered the Public Health building at the Times and Sunday university of the year, 2014 not forgetting my all-time favourite statement. ….Remember this is a rigorous exercise and you must come prepared.

If we are here today as Tullow scholars then it’s because due diligence was never compromised in any way making the award purely meritorious and devoid of any form or favoritism or nepotism.

The experience so far has been tremendous and with limited amount of time, let me save it for another time. The GH Tullow Family here keeps growing strong curtesy Nana K. Sarpong, Ohemaa Akua Portia and Uncle Sam who always sandwich me with GH and Kenyan warmth and flavour.

As a Public and Environmental Health Scientist in the making, the question has always been, how we can do it our own way in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Cote D’Ivoire, Mauritania, Guyana, Uruguay, Suriname and Gabon? Our communities must develop, our regions must develop, our dear nations must develop and this development must have something to do with Tullow Scholars.

About the Author

 Dominic Bassah is Tullow Scholar from Ghana, who is currently studying MSc. Public and Environmental Health at University of Birmingham.

Interested in the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme? Then visit our website to know more. Applications are opened!


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