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Welcome Back Reception has been held for the TGSS 2013/2014 Scholars

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In November, 2014, Welcome Back Receptions were held for the 2013/2014 Scholars who were awarded the Tullow Group Scholarship in 2013 to study various courses in recognised universities in the UK , Ireland and France .

The objectives of the Welcome Back Reception were to; welcome the 2013/2014 scholars back home, introduce and conduct them into the TGSS Alumni Network and to use the reception to create job opportunities for the returnee scholars as well as increase their network.

Guests invited included, TGSS Alumni, Tullow Oil and British Council staff, industry players and the media. Guests were seated according to their field of expertise to encourage networking.

Addresses were made by the Tullow Oil Country Managers (or their representative) and the British Council Country Directors. Their addresses highlighted the plans both companies had for the scholarship scheme and offered advice to the returning scholars. The industry players present also offered career and entrepreneurship advice to the scholars. Additionally, the alumni shared their experiences after their studies relating to resettling into country, securing a job, starting a business and initiating changes. The 2013/2014 scholars also shared with the guests, stories from their time spent in the UK.

Irene Danquah, the TGSS Alumni Coordinator, conducted the 2013/2014 scholars into the Alumni Network.

Below are comments from some of the attendees;

‘This is a nice initiative to have all the scholars get together’ – Claire Mugisha (TGSS 2013/2014 Scholar)

‘Thank you TGSS Team at BC and Tullow Oil for the welcome party. The event was a great success and I was delighted to have engaged in such meaningful interaction with industry players. It was also wonderful to see most of the faces behind the names of some old scholars (predecessors). On the whole the event brought together like minded individuals to get together through networking and the sharing of productive ideas’ – Rosina Nkansah (TGSS 2013/2014 Scholar)

‘The stakeholders were well thought through” – Peter Jumba (TGSS 2012/2013 Scholar)

‘The association is a welcome idea since most of us are already communicating with one another on “whatsapp” ‘ Geofrey Angudubo – (TGSS 2012/2013 Scholar)

‘Refreshing time spent with friends and people who have become family. It was a night where I heard about the stories of achievement and plans to cause the change we went to study for. It was a time with family.” – Philip Ashon (TGSS 2013/2014 Scholar)

‘I was impressed with the general organisation and location for the event and also the dignitaries who were brought on board to share insights with scholars.’ – Felix Baidoo (TGSS 2013/2014 Scholar)

‘Very successful! I think it was well planned and it was great that there industry players to speak to us all. I would have loved to have seen a live band there though. And oh, I love the gift –the branded card holder’ – Rhoda Onyinah (TGSS 2012/2013 Scholar)

‘The event was great as it did not only provide networking opportunity with market leaders but also with other alumni. At the moment, there are projects cooking as a result of this reception.’ – Brenda Omoumba (TGSS 2012/2013 Scholar)

‘We observed that the Alumni and returned scholars have the desire to build a strong network in Kenya, with Alumni pointing out their plans ahead and returned scholars showed the interest to join in with their plans as well for combined efforts’. – Kenya TGSS Team

‘It was great event. Nice concept’ – Eugenia Tachie Menson (Young Educators Foundation)



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