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The Resettling Series: Restarting your career in your country

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994951_10151475116677185_1838816574_nWelcome back home. By now you should have thought carefully through your options and be clear on where you want to go next; going back to an old employer, finding a new employment or starting a business. Your welcome is going to be great. The world will seem to revolve around you, but for just a few weeks then you will have to quickly refocus unto things that matter, such as securing that job and living up to the dreams which formed the basis for your scholarship, because as soon as your few ‘quids’ run out, you’re no longer king. The transition from a life of study into employment could be overwhelming especially if you resigned from a previous employment. Here are a few tips to help the smooth transition and keep you focused on your return from the UK/France.

  1. Take the first three to five days off every activity to relax and de-stress.
  2. If you did not leave a job behind, keep your expectations low and be patient. There is no guarantee that you will have jobs lined up when you arrive or make profit from a start-up straight away with your UK degree. Give yourself an average of six months to settle into employment and/or entrepreneurship.
  3. Make contact with your old employer even if you do not intend to return to them or have resigned. Sometimes it is better to start with an old employer. Former colleagues may also be helpful in pointing to vacancies.
  4. Use your networks in securing a new job.
  5. If you intend starting a business, check the market dynamics, the prospects, sustainability of the business and all that. It’s best to get it right from start. As quickly as you can, go out and talk with potential clients. They’ll save you a lot of time spent building a want, when they are only interested in buying a need.
  6. Try to contact and learn from the experience of previous scholars, one more reason not to miss the Tullow Scholars welcome event in November, 2014. Network as much as possible since networking oftentimes opens doors. Keep in touch with networks you have built and invest in knowing resourceful people.

The seemingly fallow period you might have to undergo on your return might shake your dreams of making it in your home country and may make you start thinking about returning to the West. Keep in mind that life is not cool there either. Keep pushing and believing in your dreams.

Finally, if you find yourself at home in this period, do not sit idly. Start writing a book, offer to understudy a successful person in your field, volunteer or intern somewhere, write articles for publication etc- Just occupy yourself. The system will sort itself out in due course of time.

We wish you all the best in resettling and you can always talk to us at the TGSS office.

About Author

This post was put together by Tullow Alumni. These are individuals who have received sponsored Master’s education at top universities in the UK and France. They have expertise in varying fields.

Photo credit: Freddie Bright.


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