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Going to study abroad? Read this before you leave your home country


So you are almost set to come to the UK to start school? Great! Just don’t leave your home country without reading this!
1. Don’t waste your time on any last minute shopping. You’ll find out that most of what you buy won’t fit when you get here.

2. Ladies, leave the life-size teddy bears at home and bring only 27 of your 362 pairs of shoes! Guys please leave the subwoofers at home. You have to carry your bag yourself the whole time. A wheeled bag is your best bet!

3. You think you are the only one who knows a beautiful travelling bag? Forget it. A lot of travellers are going to have your exact same bag. Find a colourful ribbon or something and tie it to one of the handles so you can identify it.

4. Pack your hand luggage with one day’s change of clothes, chewing gum (or toothbrush and paste).

5. The best flight dress code is; 
• Feet – flat comfortable shoes (no heels please); 
• Legs – Jeans / khaki /chinos trousers. 
• Chest – long / short sleeve blouse / shirt 

PLUS a blazer / jacket that can catch the mild cold or a sweater over the shirt.

6. Buy a small, inexpensive artefact from your country for your programme director. I did it and students from other continents also do it too. It doesn’t matter if s/he takes it or not, S/he’ll notice you and it works in your favour…….think internships, deadline extensions, promotion materials, video shoots… etc.

7. Google the basic things about your country and memorize them. Present your country in a good light. Sodom & Gomorrah, Buusaise, Kibera are nicer than some parts of the UK, but they present themselves well to us. Do the same!

8. If you do a transit somewhere, throw your watch away. All times on your tickets are local so check times in the airport. Don’t make the mistake of checking the time on your watch!

9. When you arrive, Ladies be proud of yourself. You’ll find out that despite what people normally say, a lot of people actually wish they were you! Guys, just one word – Vim!

10. Learn some Azonto / Alkayiida moves. And learn how to use a rice cooker!!

And one final thing, “all right?” in the UK means hello, how are you?

About the authour

Eric Kumah is a TGSS alumnus from Ghana. He had his MBA from the University of Central Lanchashire (UCLAN). Eric specializes in marketing, research, business analysis and training. He currently manages Newaccra Magazine an online magazine specially designed for current students, fresh graduates and young entreprenuers. Visit


3 thoughts on “Going to study abroad? Read this before you leave your home country

  1. Eric, you’ve summarized all the new scholar needs to know in these points. Nice piece. Thumbs up.

  2. lol thanks i guess i dont have to carry my unie enginering text books there, do i?

  3. My Favourite is to throw away your watch when you do transit through a different time zone. Invaluable!!!

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