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Alumni Profiles: Nana Kwaku Otchere

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Tullow Group_SS-0112University: University of Dundee

Course Studied: Energy Studies with Specialisation in Oil and Gas Economics

Place of Employment: Ghana National Petroleum Corporation




What has been the impact of the course on your career advancement?

Nana Kweku has worked at GNPC for a number of years and firmly believes that attaining a higher education in his field has greatly increased his chances of being selected for a promotion following his recent appraisal. His current work involves dealing with foreign and national companies and organisations looking to apply for oil blocks in Ghana.

In what ways have your studies influenced your entrepreneurial spirit?

Nana Kweku has demonstrated a flair for business and entrepreneurship but he stated that he has a long term commitment to staying with GNPC  and is particularly passionate about filling the skills gap in his place of employment by effectively utilising the knowledge he has gained. For now, Nana Kweku has no immediate plans of moving away from GNPC but notes that in the near future, we will establish something for himself.

In what ways have you fulfilled your future plans and ambitions in your initial TGSS application?

Nana Kweku had an aspiration to transition into the oil and petroleum exploration and extraction field, an aspiration he is currently fulfilling since his return from successfully completing his education. He has had a strong desire to impart some of the skills and knowledge to his colleagues at his place of employment and also to tertiary and secondary school students by organising seminars and workshops in the hope that the younger generation will be inspired to attain higher education in the petroleum sector and help build Ghana’s growing oil and gas sector. Suffice that say that the TGSS scholarship has had a profound impact on his commitment to youth development within the Oil and Gas sector.


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