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Alumni Profiles: Lesline Nyankson

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University: University of Aberdeen

Course Studied: LLM Oil and Gas Law

Place of Employment: Attorney General’s Department


What has been the impact of the course on your career advancement?

Lesline was a State Attorney before she left on her scholarship degree. Unfortunately like many in the civil service who where undertaking their further education aboard, Lesline also missed out a promotion to senior state attorney last April . She however feels confident of a promotion this time around now that she has returned and feels that her degree will definitely give her something to tell her superiors during her appraisal. She very much feels she merits a promotion having completed her graduate studies and possessing a vast knowledge and experience and her field of work. She feels that having obtained her degree was an influencing factor in her being asked to join a team working on Vulkan Energy who have recently taken the state to court. She believes her expertise will be of enormous advantage to the state in this case. Although she has her degree, she believes to needs to acquire technical practise to fulfil her plans of being an expert in the oil and gas sector.

In what ways have your studies influenced your entrepreneurial spirit?

As to how her degree has impacted on her entrepreneurial spirit, she stated that she intends to be a pivotal contributor to the oil and gas sector for the government which will need her knowledge and expertise in drawing out plans and contracts in managing the state’s resources. Though she is more likely to gain more financially should she transfer to the private sector, she is more happy having a long term commitment to the state department and imparting her wealth of experience and knowledge to the young ones coming through by speaking at workshops and seminars which her department organises.

In what ways have you fulfilled your future plans and ambitions in your initial TGSS application?

Lesline believes she has fulfilled some of the plans she listed in her initial TGSS application such her completing her Master’s program. She is working on fulfilling her other long term objectives. So far, she feels comfortable with the progress she has made in her life and is on track to accomplishing all her goals.


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