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A Tullow Scholar’s Story

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The Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme (TGSS) family is made up of individuals with dreams. I would rather describe them as persons with sweltering dreams fuelled by Tullow Oil.


Often referred to as Tullow Scholars, we are largely a bilingual mix from La Cote D’Ivoire, Mauritania, Gabon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Uruguay, Guyana and Suriname. Our Anglophone and Francophone heritages are not barriers as you are likely to mistake the scholar from a francophone country to be coming from an Anglophone state because he writes and speaks English so well.

May I mention, you may come across scholars from an English speaking country giving French lessons to other members and this will definitely deceive you into thinking they are nationals of La Cote D’Ivoire, Gabon or Mauritania.

And Oh! Wait till you meet the Kenyan who has a twin from Ghana or the Ghanaian who challenges Kenyans and Ugandans to a Swahili language battle! All these go to show that when it comes to a Tullow Scholar, the world is but one country where language and physical boundaries are definitely not barriers. This enhances our belief that our impact must be felt globally.

I am sure this is probably due to the fact that Tullow Scholars not only think outside the box; we actually forget the box exists!

I can confidently say Tullow Scholars are enjoying their various courses of study. Some have successfully completed their masters’ degrees, postgraduate diplomas, while others are currently undertaking dissertation projects and expected to be done this October.

As I type this piece, I cannot help but marvel at how far we have come from rigorous but useful interview stages. It helps to remember the faces and voices of Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme (TGSS) administrators and Moses Anibaba – Regional Director, TGSS.

We were constantly reminded on the need to achieve and overcome. Surely, we did overcome the “autumn, winter, winter-spring, spring-summer” weather of UK in 2012/2013.

In my keen observation, members have been disciplined and focused. These may have contributed to their success. I can confidently say the faith, affection and love within the TGSS group made it easier to call on any scholar for assistance.

A love so strong, members will still honour birthdays of celebrants far away in China or in Ghana, by attending concerts or dedicate monthly stipend to organise a party in Scotland.

If you wish to meet these world changers to exchange ideas and cannot wait for them to return to their various countries, visit them in UK’s‘oceanless’ and ‘lakeful’ cities where universities such as Warwick, Coventry, Leicester, Manchester, Salford, Leeds, Teeside, Nottingham and Central Lancashire are situated.

Better still, visit universities such as Southampton, Exeter or Portsmouth.

You could locate them in a happy Cardiff city where the University of the same name is situated. Try out the ‘controversial happy city’ of London where Westminster University and Imperial College are located.

However, if you fancy a bit of colder weather conditions and wish to travel to Scotland, you could meet up with scholars in Robert Gordon, Heriot-Watt and Aberdeen Universities.

France looks an ideal holiday destination. If it is your choice, make time to meet amazing scholars from University of Angers.

This is the TGSS family with dreams touched by Tullow Oil. A passion fuelled by the need to be the change communities, countries and the world seek. The world is but a few years away to becoming a better place.

As members of the TGSS family, we are not intimidated by boundaries. Neither do we believe there is a box that requires thinking outside it. We are multi-talented, focused, disciplined and filled with love for humanity.

By: Irene Danquah(2012/2013 TGSS Scholar, University of Southampton)


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